Marketing for Breweries & Restaurants

Marketing for breweries & restaurants begins with analyzing where the businesses are strong and weak, their busy days and slow days, where most of their traffic comes from and their competition.

Next, we begin building your brand: What is your vision for the brand? What do you want people to think of when your business is mentioned? What does your location have or do best?

Creating an attractive social media landing page that represents the business is key. We then have to drive traffic to it. We can do this through influencers, ads, collaborations, or organic growth with attractive content. By growing your following, we are able to get attention from media, influencers, the chamber of commerce, and other local entities.

Once customers are coming in the door, we need them to come in more frequently. We do this through routine content, newsletters, and text message programs. The worst feeling is opening your Facebook or Instagram to see an event you really want to attend…that happened 3 days ago. Not only is this frustrating for the customer, it is a missed revenue opportunity. OBC is here to connect the dots.

According to Gartner, text messages have an open rate of up to 98% with over 90% read within 3 minutes of receipt. Allowing your customers to opt-into messages they are interested in can substantially increase your attendance for events, food & beer releases, live music, etc. Imagine how your business would transform if you could blast an event reminder to hundreds of people the day off – and they want to receive it! You can view a sample opt-in form here.

To continue growth, we utilize table tents to encourage customers reviews on platforms like Yelp and NextDoor. We combine this with QR codes to opt-into the text programs for a simple, and attractive approach.

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