Marketing for Motorsports & Products

Powersports & products marketing requires a strategic approach in branding and sales that varies based on the nature of the business. Ormond Brand Consulting works with products manufacturers, distributors, and professional athletes which gives us the unique ability to connect businesses together within motorsports and other industries.

If you are a products manufacturer, customers need to know your product exists, understand your product, have confidence in purchasing, be able to buy it easily, and be encouraged to leave reviews. We do this through utilizing the flow of the traditional sales funnel while incorporating professional quality media.

Beginning with attractive media and in-house photography, we explain the products and showcase them. Once the pages are loaded up with content, we need to run ads, get influencers/athletes, or collaborators so people will see the content we make.

Once roughly 16% of the applicable market knows your product exists, we will pivot a portion the media from “new and innovative” or “scarce” to proven and tested or “social proof” using customer reviews and user generated content. This creates the confidence in purchase, and we can send follow up emails or incentives to leave reviews and tell their friends. We have successfully used this and similar tactics to launch multiple products for Lectron Fuel Systems.

If you are a products distributor or dealer, customers need to know which products you carry, if they apply to them, what new inventory you carry, and how to purchase. Regular newsletters and adding new sales platforms like Google Merchants and Facebook and Instagram shops are excellent ways to increase visibility.

In either scenario, the business needs to have attractive, informative, and credible landing pages on both social media and their website. The content needs to be more demonstrative than a sales pitch in order to gain attention and create the “want” from the customer.