Pivoting Media – Why and When

In 1962, Everett M. Rogers Diffusion of Innovation Adoption Model was created and combined psychographic profiles with benchmarks for product diffusion based on potential marketshare. At 16% marketplace diffusion, a product must “cross the chasm” before being accepted by the general public. If it does not do this, the product will usually stall or fail.

Chris Maloney’s 16% Rule holds the keys to the secret of accelerating the diffusion of innovation adoption. The rule essentially states that there is a definitive change in customer profile between 15% and 20% adoption and your content, media, etc., must reflect that in order to diffuse the technology into the marketplace efficiently. 

Changing your underlying message from scarcity, limited quantity, etc. to that of social proof is key. 

Messages of scarcity include: limited availability, back orders, pre-orders, exclusivity, etc.

Messages of social proof include: customer reviews, long term tests, relatable user generated content, etc.